Up with the lark…and the dog…and the cats

cadbury-dillingtonBeen awake since 5am. Combination of faulty batteries in my body clock, beginnings of a Christmas cold (tis the season to be grotty), and husband hogging whole of the duvet.

Having been given advice to ‘get up early & write whilst still in that semi-dream like state & before most of the world starts’, here I am with an hour gone.

The semi-dream like state has passed and I am wide awake.  The advice may work well for writers without animals (weird people with tidy homes), but the minute my foot hit the carpet, the cats started demanding to be fed, watered & a laptop to sit on.

The dog decided he would get in on the act,  having had a midnight snack of grapes (highly poisonous to most dogs, but not to this Labrador and his cast iron stomach), he needed to be excused up the garden.  Standing waiting at the back door, my cup of tea going as cold as my extremities

I guess the answer is to forgo the cup of tea and decamp to another room upstairs and let sleeping dogs and cats lie.  I guess the answer is to just turn over & go back to sleep. Any other suggestions ungratefully received.


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