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I’ve been so busy keeping up with my writing course (Creative Writing – Futurelearn) in the past month, that I have struggled to find time to just write new stories, poems etc.

So, I’ve decided to timetable my week, rather than doing both badly. It’s either going to be a coursework morning or a sitting in my shed writing afternoon. Not trying (and failing) to combine both in my limited time.

Have also decided to stop idling on FB, Twitter & Instagram – limiting it to once a day, okay let’s not go mad, twice a day (My name is Susan & I’m addicted to social media).

Switching off the telly in the evening (with the exception of ‘The Missing’ as completely hooked) and read the pile of books threatening to topple off my bedside table and concuss me in the night.

In the run up to the C word, it’s very easy to do other things (the cake is waiting to be made for a start..) but I am going to try to be disciplined and keep writing. Now, let me just see who’s posted a picture of their dinner….

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