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Meeting Up With Writers

I met up with a friend of mine today who doesn’t view writing as a self-indulgent or weird thing to do. She writes historical fiction, something I don’t normally read or watch.

She’d asked me to look over her first draft of a new novel and it has been really good to be  out of my comfort zone. Note to self: I need to read more widely.

Meeting her today was great (apart from substandard carrot cake in the café). To be able to talk about things that only another part-time writer understands; procrastination, guilt about not doing ‘other stuff’ when you’re writing.

She’s struggling with finding a regular time to write, I’m struggling to stop faffing about on the internet finding new competitions to enter but not writing anything new to enter them with.

Yeovil literary festival this weekend, I’m going to a few of  the events and hope that being immersed in literature and meeting up with writers gets me back on track. I will report back next week!


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