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This week sees a return to writing, started Week 2 of the online ‘Start to Write Fiction’ by Futurelearn (the fact it’s free does not dilute the quality – it’s a top notch OU based taster course).  Have also tidied up a few more poems inspired by ‘Nobody’s Home’

Even though I’ve written ever since I could hold a pencil, and done several writing courses (of varying quality) in the past, I feel I need to see what’s out there now, dip my toe in the ink, be inspired, challenged etc.

Who knew that being a part-time writer would be so all consuming?

I spent last week setting up this site & wanted to have it up and running in time for National Poetry Day, so that I could publish ‘Gateway’, a poem inspired by John Maher’s ‘Nobody’s Home’ photography exhibition.

Never thought when I was pogoing up & down to the Buzzcocks in Carlisle Market Hall, that 37 years later I’d be writing poetry inspired by the drummer…

John was really generous with his support & time, he posted two of my poems (‘Gateway’ & ‘3.44’ ) on his own site theflyingmonkblog linking his Twitter & FB page to it.

So, all very exciting, watching my own Twitter, FB & blog pages and doing very little in the way of paid work (but shhh, don’t tell the boss).





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