Up with the lark…and the dog…and the cats

Been awake since 5am. Combination of faulty batteries in my body clock, beginnings of a Christmas cold (tis the season to be grotty), and husband hogging whole of the duvet. Having been given advice to ‘get up early & write whilst still in that semi-dream like state & before most of the world starts’, here… Continue reading Up with the lark…and the dog…and the cats

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I’ve been so busy keeping up with my writing course (Creative Writing – Futurelearn) in the past month, that I have struggled to find time to just write new stories, poems etc. So, I’ve decided to timetable my week, rather than doing both badly. It’s either going to be a coursework morning or a sitting in my… Continue reading #Amwriting

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Meeting Up With Writers

I met up with a friend of mine today who doesn’t view writing as a self-indulgent or weird thing to do. She writes historical fiction, something I don’t normally read or watch. She’d asked me to look over her first draft of a new novel and it has been really good to be  out of my comfort… Continue reading Meeting Up With Writers